About Us


King Sisig Royal Foods Corporation (KSRFC) was established on June 30, 2012 in Comembo, Makati City. It was the first branch, of what would later become a recognized sisig restaurant chain in the Philippines. Now expanding to more parts of metro manila through franchising it continues to solidify its position as the country’s premiere sisig fast food chain.

Backed-up by the strength of its commissary in Pateros, Metro Manila, King Sisig is the only restaurant of its kind, offering a wide variety of sisig as its main dish. Our quality sisig menu and other food items are what sets us apart from existing fast food chains.

In 2015, KSRFC establishes another successful brand under its name, Bulalo World, offering the public a highly sought after food product in the metro manila area. Today both brand continue to grow both in infrastructure and popularity.

Brand Philosophy

King Sisig aims to be the #1 sisig restaurant chain in the country through its quality food products, unique offerings, and its royal service towards it customers. To prove its authority as the undisputed “Hari ng Sisig”, King Sisig offers unique sisig variants, showcases expertise in cooking sisig, presents delicious sisig visuals and gives every customer royal service.

Indeed, the Customer is King. Our brand stewards, strive to provide exemplary service. Exemplary Service means that all King Sisig employees are trained and empowered to go the Extra Mile in everything we do for “His Highness,” our customer.

The way we treat, greet, communicate, provide for and value each customer is clearly the defining difference that will make King Sisig truly an exciting and enjoyable brand. Through these, King Sisig shall be cherished, remembered and recommended to friends, colleagues and family.

Anghang Meter Levels

Through offering customers different levels of spicyness, King Sisig further differentiates itself as not only Hari ng Sisig, but also as Hari ng Anghang.

The brand offers 5 Anghang Meter Levels, based on the Scoville Scale, the measurement of the spicy heat of a chili pepper.  We offer mild, medium, hot, extra hot and super hot levels.

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King Sisig is operated by King Sisig Royal Foods Corporation (KSRFC), and also operates Bulalo World and Lechon Factory specialty restaurants.